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ITT Aerospace Controls ECS Products for Today's Rotorcraft Applications

ITT aerospace product lines are continually expanding to provide our customers with unique solutions for applications on military and commercial rotorcraft programs.

Our extensive knowledge and experience within these industries enable us to provide our customers with superior analysis, products, services and support. Our teaming and partnership approach to the customer’s needs sets us apart from the competition.

ITT Aerospace Controls - Helicopter Component Solutions

• Motor Operated Valves 1, 3, 4 
• Pressure, Temperature and Flow Switches 1, 3, 4, 5
• Elastomeric Hoses and Connectors 1
• Rotary and Linear Actuators 1, 2, 4
• Composite Ducting 1
• Electric Heaters 3, 5
• Noise Attenuation 3
1.  Hydraulic, Fuel and ECS Flow Controls
2.  Step Deployment and Door Control
3.  Engine APU Systems
4.  Landing Gear Control
5.  Freeze Protection

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ITT Showcases Rotorcraft Solutions at Helitech 2015

ITT Corporation's (NYSE: ITT) Enidine brand will showcase its energy absorption and vibration isolation rotorcraft solutions at Helitech International, Oct. 6-8, in London. Enidine's rotorcraft solutions include its innovative pylon isolation system, which reduces noise and vibration, allowing for a more comfortable passenger ride and extending the lifespan of other rotorcraft components.

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ITT's Newest Product Offerings Featured on First Flight of Bell 525 Relentless

ITT Corporation's (NYSE: ITT) Enidine brand achieved a milestone with a key partner when its rotorcraft product offerings were featured on the first test flight of Bell Helicopter's 525 Relentless. The innovative technology reduces noise and vibration, providing a more comfortable passenger ride and extending the lifespan of rotorcraft components.

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“The Bell 525 performed extremely well today,” said Troy Caudill, senior flight test pilot at Bell Helicopter. “I am excited to be a part of the development of this advanced aircraft and help define the future of vertical lift.”


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Rotorcraft Solutions


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Fast Facts


Approximate civilian, commercial and military helicopters operating around the world today.


Helicopters travel at much slower speeds than aircraft, however the advancing rotor blade can exceed the speed of sound.


Created by helicopters could shake them apart if not due to their robust design and manufacture.

248 mph

The approximate fastest recorded speed of a helicopter. 

2,213 miles

The longest distance traveled by a helicopter without landing.

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