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ITT Offers a Diversified Portfolio of Products for Global Aerospace Markets

Aircraft Noise Control Systems & Aircraft Freeze Protection

For over 75 years ITT has developed high quality engineered components for the aerospace industry with such brands as Electrofilm Manufacturing Co., Acousticfab and Industrial Tube Co. (ITC). With our expertise in ice/freeze protection, noise control, composites, hoses, connectors, drain masts and air/surface heaters we have a solution for critical areas of commercial aircraft systems and environments.

We bring exceptional value to our customers through state-of-the art manufacturing processes and on time delivery making us a premiere provider of custom engineered components to the aircraft industry.

If you have any inquiries please contact us and one of our representatives will assist you in the selection process for the right application solution, our products are on time every time.


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ITT Enidine to Showcase Innovative Shock and Vibration Solutions for Defense Applications at SAVE
Monday, 5 Nov 2018

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ITT has a long standing reputation of providing diversified solutions to global markets with a diverse product portfolio.

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